Loaves, Baguettes & Buns

We have a selection of breads, namely – French, Italian Herb, Wheatberry, Oat Multigrain and Honey Wheat, which we make in Loaf, Baguette and Bun-size, so you can use them exactly how you want. We also make 3 varieties of Square Loaf – White, Wholewheat and Multigrain, which are perfect for flat sandwiches, or for toast. Completing this range are 2 types of Bun specially made for Burgers and Butties, Plain and Sesame.


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  • Wholewheat Toast

    Wholewheat Toast

  • White Toast

    White Toast

  • Mulitgrain Toast

    Mulitgrain Toast

  • French Loaf

    French Loaf

  • Oat Multigrain Loaf

    Oat Multigrain Loaf

  • Italian Herb Loaf

    Italian Herb Loaf

  • Wheatberry Loaf

    Wheatberry Loaf

  • French Baguette

    French Baguette

  • Oat Multigrain Baguette

    Oat Multigrain Baguette

  • Italian Herb Baguette

    Italian Herb Baguette

  • Wheatberry Baguette

    Wheatberry Baguette

  • Honey Wheat Baguette

    Honey Wheat Baguette

  • Oat Multigrain Bun

    Oat Multigrain Bun

  • Wheatberry Bun

    Wheatberry Bun

  • Plain Burger Bun

    Plain Burger Bun

  • Glazed Burger Bun

    Glazed Burger Bun

  • Sesame Burger Bun

    Sesame Burger Bun

  • Hot Dog Bun / Pistolet

    Hot Dog Bun / Pistolet

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