Much of our original bread range was developed to provide a variety of delicious and healthy options for customers ordering sandwiches in Woody’s Sandwich Shoppes. We also listened to the feedback of these customers to improve and add more.

Our current range includes not only a variety of Baguettes, Loaves, and Buns, but also Speciality Breads; Focaccia, English Muffins and Bagels.

We are absolutely committed to making the best breads on the Island. That’s why when we added Bagels to our range, we flew in one of the very best bakers from New York, the home of the American Bagel, to teach our people how to make the perfect Bagel. And, we have sourced the ideal cream cheese to compliment them too.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try one and see for yourself.


Loaves, Baguettes, Buns
Speciality Breads


Bread Selection at a Glance…

Below you can view our complete selection of Baguettes & Rolls, Speciality Breads & Bagels & Muffins. Click on the image to read about each one.

  • Wholewheat Toast

    Wholewheat Toast

  • White Toast

    White Toast

  • Mulitgrain Toast

    Mulitgrain Toast

  • French Loaf

    French Loaf

  • Oat Multigrain Loaf

    Oat Multigrain Loaf

  • Italian Herb Loaf

    Italian Herb Loaf

  • Wheatberry Loaf

    Wheatberry Loaf

  • French Baguette

    French Baguette

  • Oat Multigrain Baguette

    Oat Multigrain Baguette

  • Italian Herb Baguette

    Italian Herb Baguette

  • Wheatberry Baguette

    Wheatberry Baguette

  • Honey Wheat Baguette

    Honey Wheat Baguette

  • Oat Multigrain Bun

    Oat Multigrain Bun

  • Wheatberry Bun

    Wheatberry Bun

  • Plain Burger Bun

    Plain Burger Bun

  • Glazed Burger Bun

    Glazed Burger Bun

  • Sesame Burger Bun

    Sesame Burger Bun

  • Hot Dog Bun / Pistolet

    Hot Dog Bun / Pistolet

  • Plain Bagel

    Plain Bagel

  • Raisin Cinammon Bagel

    Raisin Cinammon Bagel

  • Sesame Bagel

    Sesame Bagel

  • Poppy Seed Bagel

    Poppy Seed Bagel

  • English Muffin

    English Muffin

  • Focaccia


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