Bagels are a staple of North America, having been introduced there by Jewish immigrants in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Ours are distinctly New York style – puffy, with a light crust, dense and evenly cooked on the inside, as taught to us by a Master Baker from the ‘Big Apple’ itself.

All our varieties – Plain, Raisin Cinammon, Sesame and Poppy Seed, are delicious with cream cheese. As a sandwich they pair beautifully with cold cuts, such as Parma Ham, Turkey Breast, and Pastrami. Try the Sesame Bagel with Smoked Salmon, Salad and Cream Cheese for a match made in heaven.


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  • Plain Bagel

    Plain Bagel

  • Raisin Cinammon Bagel

    Raisin Cinammon Bagel

  • Sesame Bagel

    Sesame Bagel

  • Poppy Seed Bagel

    Poppy Seed Bagel

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